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At BusinessMaker, we specialise in bringing people together and orchestrating meetings that go beyond the ordinary – meetings that create lasting value. Through our platform, networks are born, and new customer relations are seamlessly formed, contributing to the overall well-being of our society.

Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire event process, from careful planning to expert facilitation and technical arrangements. The appreciative words of many event organisers, who often express, ‘So wonderful to have you there!,’ highlight the positive impact we bring to every occasion.

Effortless for both you and your participants, our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth experience. Achieve your goals, strengthen your brand, and obtain effective, measurable, and easy-to-report results with our comprehensive services.

A top-class participant experience is our priority, ensuring success for both organisers and attendees alike. Elevate your operations, delivering increased value to your customers and stakeholders through B2B matchmaking. Join us in developing your business while creating meaningful connections and value-added encounters!

Empower all participants with professional tools for impactful interactions at each of our online events.

Unlock the potential of productive encounters through understanding. Coaching participants is an integral part of our service package.

Success in events requires careful planning and creating the right atmosphere. Our facilitators, trained professionals in the field, ensure the seamless execution of every occasion.

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“We have been very pleased with BusinessMaker’s service and recommend the service to others.”

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises
The Forum of the Change of Ownership

“Digitalisation is going to change the ways in which we find new partners and clients. We’d better get used to it and do it fast! Matchmaking was a good step in the right direction for learning and in supporting our clients.”

Network of County Development Centres of Estonia

“I give 10 points for BusinessMaker’s B2B Matchmaking services!”

Financial Expert,
Business Finland


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A successful matchmaking event requires careful planning. Get started with the planning using the form. Fill out the form and request a quote – we’ll bring your event to life according to your wishes!

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