Welcome to the Matchmaking session of Uganda Forum!

Finnpartnership and Partnering for Change (PARC) project organise Uganda Forum on 5th of December in Helsinki and on 12th of December a virtual Matchmaking event that brings together companies and organisations from Finland and Uganda to enable concrete collaboration efforts between the countries.

At the Matchmaking event, participating companies and organisations get to arrange one-to-one meetings with each other, present their offering, and initiate business partnerships for future collaboration. The event is held on 12 December at 10-12 Finnish time and 11-13 Ugandan time, and focuses on five key sectors: coffee and tea, construction, education, energy, and services.

Additionally, the participants have a chance to hear about Finnpartnership’s grant financing, Business Partnership Support, and how to apply for it, as well as Matchmaking service and how it supports finding new business partners.



Register to the event below by providing your company details as well as information on what kind of partners you are looking for. On the event day, the platform will connect you with most relevant participants, based on your registration info and create you a meeting schedule.


 Watch the recording of 5th of December
Uganda Forum from here: 

JOINING THE EVENT 12th of December

Registeration for this event has now closed

You can book
1-on-1 meetups with other participants
at the event

EVENT STARTS 12th of December 2023
at 10.00am EET and 11.00 EAT.


After registering and logging in you will see more instructions, tips and videos for the matchmaking event


At the beginning of the event, participants gather on the common GoTo networking platform. Joining the platform requires either downloading the application to your computer or joining the platform via the Chrome browser. Please see the instruction video below before the start of the event and check that you can join the platform.

You can access your own 1-on-1 meetups by logging into this event website and joining the online meetup through your own personal meetup schedule. You will receive your meetup schedule the day before the event.

On the event BusinessMaker staff is on the common networking platform for you if you need any help or guidance.

Tecnical support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone +358 9 2316 3937


To participate in the event you need
a computer or mobile device
with a microphone and camera.

10-10.05 EET, 11-11.05 EAT - Welcome

Birgit Nevala, Programme Director, Finnpartnership

Join the common platform by clicking HERE.

10.05-10.13 EET, 11.05-11.13 EAT - Opening words

Opening words from H. E. Ambassador Margaret M. Otteskov, Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, Copenhagen

10.14-10.20 EET, 11.14-11.20 EAT - Greetings

Greetings from Otto Kivinen, Deputy Head of Mission, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

10.20-10.25 EET, 11.20-11.25 EAT - Greetings

Greetings from PARC project, Sara Tabrizizadeh-Haavisto, Programme Coordinator, International Affairs, Deaconess Foundation

10.25-11.55 EET, 11.25-12.55 EAT - Matchmaking and group room

You can schedule 1-on-1 meetups with other participants of the event. Request meetings whilst logged in from "Participants" -tab. You will get your final meetup schedule to your email the day before the event, 11th of December. Note! You can book meetups with some of the organizers too. Between your meetups join the common platform by clicking HERE

Group room
Between your meetups you can join the Finnpartnership group room - Services and financing by Axel Sointu.
Join the group room by clicking HERE, or from the "Group rooms" tab. 

11.55-12.00 EET, 12.55-13.00 EAT - Closing the event

Closing the event