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Global horizons - Monthly connections. 

Join us to the Export Maker & BusinessMaker's monthly afternoon coffee networking event on Wednesday 29th of May at 14:00 - 15:30 (GMT +3). Come and explore collaboration opportunities, share insights and connect with a diverse community. Discover the possibilities of international business while engaging in meaningful networking with professionals like yourself. 

This month our attention turns to Central Asia, where diverse industries such as energy, agriculture, transportation, and tourism are experiencing significant growth. With the region's rich cultural heritage, there's a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to expand their footprint. Leading our discussion is expert Alexey Zak, who brings extensive experience and insights into navigating the Central Asian markets.

Export Maker is your partner in exploring the world of business, bridging the gap between cultures in the name of better cooperation and making global trading local through concrete measures. They possess the expertise and experience to turn your international goals into reality. With a team of local experts in over 30 market areas, Export Maker can help your international business thrive. 

BusinessMaker specializes in bringing people together. Through our platform, networks are born and new customer relations are seamlessly formed. On the events our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire event process, from careful planning to expert facilitation and technical arrangements. 

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EVENT STARTS 29.5.2024 at 14:00 (GMT +3).


At the beginning of the event, participants gather on the common GoTo networking platform. Joining the platform requires either downloading the application to your computer or joining the platform via the Chrome browser. Please see the instruction video below before the start of the event and check that you can join the platform.

At the event BusinessMaker staff is on the common networking platform for you if you need any help or guidance.

You can also reach technical support via email and phone.  
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Phone: +358 9 2316 3937


To participate in the event you need
a computer or mobile device
with a microphone and camera.

14:00 (GMT +3) Welcome

Welcome & introducing Export Maker – Juha Lahtinen, CEO, Export Maker


14:15 (GMT +3) Insights from Central Asian markets

Insights from Central Asian markets – Alexey Zak, Business Development Director, Export Maker

15:30 (GMT +3) Closing the event

Closing the event, thanks for participating!