BusinessMaker Solutions Oy is an event production company that helps its customers offer matchmaking events for their own target groups. 

With the help of our event service, our customers get help for planning the event, more resources and reportable information of the outcome. 

We always offer our event service tailor-made and design the whole according to each need. No event is the same. 

We are your partner when you want to carry out a high-quality and expert Matchmaking event and when you want to be sure that the participants are well taken care of.

We help guide participants toward a productive and effective encounter. From experience, we can already say that we know the wishes of the participants and know how to produce an event where the needs of the participant are taken into account.

Meidän ”avaimet käteen” tuotettavissa tapahtumissa onkin aina tavoitteena tuottaa osallistujalle huippuluokan osallistujakokemus. 

We have been operating since 2017. We offer online, hybrid, and local events. Each of our event models has staff on site from start to finish.

Our matchmaking app is effortless to use. Our technology is designed to ensure a smooth participant experience. We emphasize simplicity and ease of use. The most important thing is the encounter. A productive encounter. 


Our customer promise to our customers is: “Our desire for service is endless”. That means we’ll go through the event with you, from its design to its implementation and end meeting. We want to understand your needs and support your vision. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Asiakaslupauksemme loppukäyttäjille on: ”jokainen saa kontaktin”. Se tarkoittaa, että tapahtumissamme ei kukaan jää yksin ellei halua. Tarjoamme henkilökohtaista palvelua loppukäyttäjille läpi tapahtuman elinkaaren. Haluamme kuunnella, kannustaa ja rohkaista synnyttämään kohtaamisia, joilla on arvoa.

Our vision is to be the best matchmaking event producer in Europe.

Our mission is to produce value added encounters.


Anneli Komi

CEO, Co-founder

Every event is important to us. The productive encounter of the participant is the goal of the participant and I want to do my best to make the encounters also effective and comfortable! Get in touch, have a coffee and talk more

BusinessMaker Solutions Oy

Liisa Aha

CTO, Co-founder

Usability is of utmost importance. When the application is functioning smoothly the user can focus on the networking effectively. Continuous development is what drives us. Avainasemassa on jatkuva kehitystyö.

Hanna Kölli-Karhu

Production leader

The smoothness of the production and the uniqueness of the event create an experience for the participant that they want to return to. Each event is unique and in each event the overall picture is important.

Jonina Korander

Fasilitointijohtaja, fasilitointi & juonto

The relaxed atmosphere at the event starts with a relaxed facilitator. When we facilitators are putting focus on creating a functional atmosphere, participators meetups will function as well!

Janna Forss

Production manager

Participant experience is key to a successful event. Careful preparation, precise production and familiar facilitation guarantees a pleasant experience. 

Henna Nousiainen

Production manager, international events

International matchmaking events requires an understanding of cultures, value added customer service and professional facilitating. It is important to me that every event we produce internationally is effective and relevant to the participants.

Our values


We want to create unity, unite people and organizations. This value is reflected in our work to share experiences of events, to create coherence among event organizers, to help each other.


In events, authenticity is reflected in the uncomplicated attitude of the facilitators towards the participant and the client. We are genuinely present, genuinely interested, and want to genuinely streamline the end user’s business. 


 We honestly have a desire to understand the client’s actions, goals and vision. We produce reportable information about events honestly and always keep our promises.


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