BusinessMaker Solutions Oy is an event production company that helps entrepreneurs expand their networks through supported meeting events.

Our events are typically called company dates or recruitment dates.

Since April 2020, in addition to traditional events, we have implemented online meeting events, typically referred to as Online Company Dates.

These two event models can also be combined into a hybrid event.

Our online service has enabled e.g. international encounters between entrepreneurs.

We are your partner when you want additional resources to carry out a meeting event.

We help guide end users towards a productive and effective encounter. We know the end users (entrepreneurs) and know how to produce an event where the needs of the end user are taken into account.

In turnkey events, the goal is always to make the end user's more efficient business.

We have been in business since 2017. We have helped nearly 8,000 companies streamline their business through growing their networks.

We have organized events all over Finland, in almost every province.

Our clients include public sector organizations and private-sector actors. Any organization that wants to help its own customers meet effectively.

Our customer promise to end users is: “everyone gets in touch”. That means no one is left alone in our events unless they want to. We provide a personalized service to end users throughout the event lifecycle. We want to listen, cheer up and encourage.

Our customer promise to our customers is: “Our desire for service is endless”. That means we’ll go through the event with you, from its design to its implementation and end meeting. We want to understand your needs and support your vision. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our vision is to be the organizer of the best encounter events in Finland.

Our mission is to make companies' business more efficient by offering productive, time-saving and entrepreneurial meeting events.

Our team

Anneli Komi

Entrepreneur, sales and administration

Every event is important to us. It's much more than just using the app. For an entrepreneur, networking is a lifeline and I want to do my best to make it effective and nice too! Get in touch, lets have a coffee and talk more.

Liisa Aha

Entrepreneur, technical development and coding

The most important thing is to use the application smoothly. I focus on allowing the user to focus on the essentials, having clicks at the minimum and continue development with a big thumb!

Suvi Liukkonen

Production & facilitation

Networking is a lifeline for an entrepreneur. The encounter between two people also confronts the networks of both and has several business opportunities. My passion is to help entrepreneurs in networking.

Jonina Korander

Production & facilitation

The relaxed atmosphere at the event starts with a relaxed organizer. When it’s good to be an entrepreneur, he or she networks effectively.

Henna Nousiainen

International Matchmaking events

International confrontation requires an understanding of cultures, quality customer service and careful facilitation. It is important to me that every event we produce internationally is effective and relevant to the participants.

Our values


We want to create unity, unite people and organizations. This value is reflected in our work to share experiences of events, to create coherence among event organizers, to help each other.


In events, authenticity is reflected in the uncomplicated attitude of the facilitators towards the participant and the client. We are genuinely present, genuinely interested, and want to genuinely streamline the end user’s business. 


We are honestly on a mission for the entrepreneurs. We offer a service from entrepreneur to entrepreneur and we understand entrepreneurs because we are among them, we wrestle with the same things. We are honest on how we look outward. 


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