Anneli Komi

-CEO, BusinessMaker Solutions Oy
-Instructor of constructive interaction
-Short psychotherapist studies
-Bachelor of Business Administration, IBA, Specialist Qualification in Business Management

Encounter constructively and effectively - tools for encountering at a lecture

A good and rewarding encounter arises from constructive interaction.

Constructive interaction includes listening, mirroring, and separating observations and interpretations.

These tools create certainty and lead the encounter to the desired outcome.

Knowing yourself, understanding and preparing for the functions of the mind - these are good encounters made of!

Encounters are my passion. I will be happy to share what I have learned and share my experiences.

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Business presentation coaching

A short and concise company presentation, ie an elevator speech, is a key factor in networking. A company presentation arouses the listener's interest in their own idea, company or product.

Since 2010, Elsa Ervasti has been coaching her topics, e.g. start ups, creative industries, skills development, online videos and education. Slush Talk the Talk- coach 2016 and 2017.

BusinessMaker, together with pitching coach Elsa Ervast, offers the service to anyone who is ready to hone their presentation into a diamond.


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